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3 Crazy Myths About Truck Driving

Unfortunately, the truck driving industry is riddled with myths that simply are not true. These myths can actually deter an individual from starting a truck driving career because they believe in these myths. If you’re considering a career in the truck driving industry, don’t believe these three common and crazy myths.

Truck Drivers Are Only Men

This is one of the craziest myths we’ve heard yet. Go ahead and take a look at our photo album of graduates. Did you notice how many women were in our list of graduates? Although men do have a majority in the industry, women are rapidly becoming present in the truck driving industry. If you believe you’d enjoy the many benefits of being a truck driver, it does not matter if you are a male or a female – any one can have a successful career as a professional truck driver!

Truck Drivers Are The Cause of Most Accidents

Another insane myth about truck drivers is that they are the main cause of road accidents. Did you know that truck drivers actually only cause an average of 2.4% of accidents? The majority of accidents are caused by distracted drivers in passenger vehicles. Truck drivers are 3 times less likely to be involved in an accident than a passenger driver. This is due to their intense road training in comparison to the general training that a residential driver receives. 

Truck Drivers Do Not Make Sufficient Funds

This is quite possibly the silliest myth out there! Truck drivers actually make a rather nice salary each year. The average salary for a professional truck driver ranges from $37,000 – $44,000. Of course, this is far above minimum wage and continues to grow as you advance your career in the industry. Talk about a great salary!

If you are ready to become a professional truck driver, you need to get started on your professional training right away. Contact United Truck Driving School in Murfreesboro, TN to learn more about our 18-day CDL Class A course.