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3 Professional Truck Drivers Turned Heroes

One day you are a professional truck driver on your typical route. The next, you are considered a hero. In the blink of an eye, your assistance may be needed on the road. At United Truck Driving School, we prepare all of our students for any type of emergency situation that might occur.

The following three truck drivers clearly had extensive training and the courage to help out in a time of need. 

Courageous Truck Driver Pulls Man From Motor Vehicle Accident

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While driving along Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, Florida, Julian K. witnessed a pedestrian driver lose control and hit a construction barrier. Immediately, Julian pulled his truck over behind the crash and sprinted towards the accident.

He quickly noticed that the driver was injured, and within seconds the car burst into flames. Julian ran to get the fire extinguisher and dampen the fire, but to no avail — the fire was too strong. He then decided his only choice was to help the driver himself, and he did. Julian then dragged the driver 15-20 feet away from the accident, while another name-less driver stopped to help during the hectic situation.

When prompted about the incident, Julian stated “I’m just doing my job.”

Pickup Truck Hits Truck Driver. Truck Driver Saves Man’s Life.

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Narinder was driving his 18-wheeler when a man driving a pickup truck crossed the median and drove into him head-on. Narinder watched as the pickup truck spun and disappeared into a drainage ditch. Naturally, he pulled over his truck and leaped into action to help the driver. 

Upon searching for the driver, he noticed the man’s head was underwater while stuck in the car. Narinder could not safely extract the driver from the damaged vehicle, so he held the man’s head up and out of the water while the emergency responders were on their way. The authorities noted that if Narinder didn’t jump into action, the pickup truck driver would not still be with us today.

Professional Truck Driver Helps Woman in Need

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Ed was driving across a bridge when he noticed a woman getting ready to jump. He knew he had to help this woman and immediately pulled over. Ed began to talk to the woman saying phrases such as, “Don’t do this.”

Two more professional truck drivers pulled over to help Ed convince the woman to climb back over the bridge to safety. At the pivotal moment, Ed wrapped his arms around the woman in a big bear hug and brought her to safety. He stated, “I threw a hug, a bear hug on her that I don’t think a football team could have got me out of it.”

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