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5 Incredibly Useful Gifts for a Truck Driver

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what to get the truck driver in your life. Whether it’s your spouse, relative, or just good trucking buddy there are so many great gifts to choose from that can really come in handy on the road.

At United Truck Driving School, we understand how life on the road can be during the holidays. Being away from friends and family can be difficult and sometimes a simple gift can go a long way in making a truck driver feel connected during the holidays.

Here are five awesome items that any truck driver will be happy to have.

Hands-Free Phone Device

Talking on a cell phone while driving a truck is against the law, not to mention incredibly dangerous. Truck drivers rely on their cell phones to stay connected with family and friends during the holidays, but not being able to use them while driving makes it difficult.

A hands-free device allows truck drivers to talk freely on their cell phones while staying focused on the road. Safety should be every truck driver’s number one priority, and a wireless cell phone earpiece or headset is the perfect way to keep them safe and connected on the road.


One way for truck drivers to bring a little piece of home with them is to bring along a home cooked meal or two. A specialized mini-fridge is a great way for truckers to take some classic holiday meals on the road with them.

This gift is also great for truckers looking to cut down on that notorious truck stop food. The ability to pack a few healthy dinners when gearing up for a long trip can make all the difference, plus it saves them money!


While having a mini-fridge full of home-cooked goodness is great for truck drivers, a microwave takes on the road dining to the next level. Some newer model trucks might have a microwave already built in, but truckers that drive slightly older models probably won’t have this luxury.

Microwaves for trucks are relatively inexpensive and don’t take up a whole lot of space. Don’t worry, though, they’re big enough to get the job done!

Mobile Hotspot

One excellent way for truckers to stay connected is with an internet connection provided by a mobile hotspot or wireless internet card. Nowadays, these amazing innovations are much more affordable and work better than ever. There are plenty of options for mobile hotspots available, but be sure to check with your existing mobile service provider to check on any promotional deals!

Air Ionizer

Staying awake during long road trips can be accomplished in a number of ways, but an air ionizer will make it much easier to stay alert. By removing allergens and dust particles from the air, and air ionizer will make sure the driver is only breathing in fresh, clean air that is perfect for long road trips.

Most ionizers will be able to plug straight into the truck’s cigarette lighter, meaning you won’t need a power inverter.

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