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5 New Year’s Resolutions Truck Drivers Can Make in 2015

Now that we’re a few weeks into the New Year, you’ve probably contemplated your various resolutions. Have you made any resolutions for your truck-driving career? If not, you can adopt one of these beneficial resolutions for truck drivers.

1) Focus On Your Health

While truck driving is an exciting and lucrative career path, it’s all too easy to forget about your health. Consuming quick food from fast food restaurants, sitting for long periods of time, and forgetting to rest are all activities that threaten the state of your health. When preparing for a drive, remember to stretch, pack healthy food and snack options, and stop to rest or relax when you need to. Your health is your top priority, so treat your body well in 2015!

2) Accomplish a Career Goal

What’s your goal as a truck driver? Are you looking for a promotion? Perhaps you’ve been interested in driving a specific route and seeing all the sights! Regardless of what your personal goal may be, make a promise to achieve it in 2015.

3) Save on Fuel

Depending on what you’re carrying, you may burn more fuel than other trips. In 2015, make an effort to use these tips and save fuel.

  • Always check your tires.
  • Keep a 30-inch gap between the truck and the trailer.
  • Keep your truck at tip-top shape!

4) Keep a Positive Attitude

It’s all too easy to sink into a dull or negative attitude while out on the open road alone. Fortunately, when you keep a positive attitude, it will help your overall drive and mood. Try your best to always have a positive outlook and attitude while on the road.

5) Obtain your Class A CDL!

Is your 2015 resolution to embark on a new career path and become a professional truck driver? If so, United Truck Driving School in Murfreesboro, TN is the place to start. We’re ready to help you achieve your 2015 resolution and earn your Class A CDL!

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