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7 Benefits of Being A Professional Truck Driver

Some new students tend to be on the fence about becoming a professional truck driver prior to enrolling at United Truck Driving School. Once they understand all of the various benefits associated with the truck driving profession, they are instantly hooked. If you are curious about the truck-driving field, but want to know more, read on!


Let’s get to the facts. As a professional truck driver, you will benefit from the amazing salary levels. For instance, the average truck-driving salary is $50,000. Talk about a great incentive to start a new career!


Unfortunately, many career paths do not provide entry-level employees with rewarding insurance package opportunities. Rest assured, as a new professional truck driver, you’ll enjoy medical/dental/vision insurance right from the start.


Did we mention paid vacations and sick days off? As a professional truck driver, you have to be alert and healthy to perform your responsibility to the best of your ability. Truck companies understand that vacations are necessary and you may get sick from time to time.

Tuition Reimbursement

Your comprehensive training at United Truck Driving School can be fully or partially reimbursed by your first truck driving company. How awesome is that?


As a truck driver, freedom is one of your most important benefits. You’ll have the ability to travel the open road safely and not be stuck in a cubicle all day. You’ll never have a boss watching your every move or nagging about your performance. Enjoy your freedom on the open road!


Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the ability to travel all over the country and see new sights and sounds. If there’s an area of the country you have been longing to see, you can as a professional truck driver.

Job Security

In today’s horribly unstable economy, many individuals are in constant fear of losing their job. Luckily, truck drivers enjoy an incredibly stable sense of job security. Truck drivers are needed for every single industry and professions. Without truck drivers, how would products be distributed? Small towns rely on truck drivers to keep their economies afloat and provide jobs for their citizens.

With all of these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why people enjoy being a professional truck driver. What are you waiting for? Sign up for training at United Truck Driving School today.