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Apps Every Truck Driver Should Have on Their Phone

With technological innovations happening every day, and the constantly changing world around us, it’s no wonder that more and more truck drivers are using their smartphones and tablets while working on the road. While the number of truck drivers relying on laptops has decreased, a good percentage of drivers use mobile apps for work and communication with loved ones while on the road.

Whether you’re using an app that provides traffic information, or social media to keep up with what’s happening at home, these apps can make your commutes that much greater.


Since you’ll be on the road so much, it wouldn’t hurt to be well informed when it comes to the places you can score the best deals on gas. After all, a savings of just a few cents per gallon can really make an impact. GasBuddy is a free app with a community of people proving up-to-date gas prices for stations across the United States and Canada. You can sort them by location, price, station, and the features/amenities a gas station has.   

Co-Pilot Live Truck

This GPS app was built especially for truck drivers. It takes truck-legal roads into consideration when calculating a route, based on a vehicle’s load, weight, and size. Routes can be downloaded ahead of time so they’re accessible from anywhere on the road. Co-Pilot Live also features voice guided navigation for an easier journey.   

Trucker Tools  

This convenient app rounds up coupons which are available for use at over 5,000 truck stops across America. When on the road, you’ll want to save money wherever you can, and the Trucker Tools app is sure to help.  

uShip Mobile

uShip’s mobile app allows truck drivers to bid on loads while on the road. It automatically informs drivers whether the loads they’ve bid on have been accepted or not. uShip provides all the information necessary to make the process smooth.     


Most everyone knows about Facebook. The mobile app along with its Messenger counterpart can be beneficial to those wishing to keep up with friends and family on the road.  

And There’s More

This is just an introduction to the many apps that exist to help professional truck drivers on the road. Keep an eye out for new apps and innovations, as technology in the trucking industry is constantly evolving.