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Becoming a Truck Driver With a College Degree

May is the month of college graduations. If you just graduated from your respective university or institution, congratulations! You’ve worked hard for a degree, and now you deserve a career path that will lead you to financial stability, happiness, and a lifetime of stories to tell.

While it may not be the first thought on your mind, have you considered pursuing a career in truck driving? This industry provides a wealth of benefits to employees, and we’re not talking about the salary and insurance opportunities!

Financial Stability

As a college graduate, you may or may not have student loans depending on your personal situation. After graduating, the thought of paying loans back is probably circling your mind day in and day out. When you start a career as a truck driver, you’ll never have to worry about affording your loans again. Salaries for professional truck drivers are higher than other positions, with an average salary of $41,930 as of May 2014 (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

As you continue on as a truck driver, your benefits and salary will continue to increase. Sounds like a good deal!

A Career on the Open Road

Are you one of the rare individuals who absolutely loves to drive? You enjoy the freedom of the open road, the sights, the sounds, and the jaw-dropping views. If so, why would you spend the majority of your life in a cubicle? We spend an alarming amount of time working during our lives — 90,000 hours, Business Insider estimates.

Instead of hating your career choice, follow your heart and hit the open road as a professional truck driver.

A Responsibility From the Start

Certain career paths require you to work your way up to specific responsibilities. As a truck driver, you’ll have a ton of responsibilities right out of the gate. You are responsible for making sure that your cargo does not get damaged, arrives on time, that your truck is in top shape, and so much more.

Truck driving companies understand that their drivers are the key to their success. In turn, they provide them with the responsibility and support they need to be successful. What other industry will trust you this much?

Start Your Career Training Today

When you’re ready to pursue a career that you’ll love and benefits millions of people on a daily basis, United Truck Driving School is ready to talk to you about our 18-day training course for future truck drivers.

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