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blog image with title: Have a Safe and Happy Halloween - On and Off the Road

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween – On and Off the Road

Halloween is a special day of the year that many people young and old get excited about. For truck drivers, Halloween can happen two ways: on the road or at home. Halloween poses more dangers […]

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blog image of a man driving a semi truck; blog title: 5 reasons to appreciate truck drivers

5 Reasons to Appreciate Truck Drivers

September 8-14 is known as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). It happens every year and includes events around the nation to show appreciation for America’s truck drivers. At United Truck Driving School, we are […]

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What to Consider When Trucking with Your Dog

Trucking with your dog can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of responsibility. Before taking the road trip together, take a look at the different things you should consider. Why […]

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blog image of a male truck driver standing beside a red semi-truck; blog title: how truck drivers can know they're in the right career

How Truck Drivers Can Know They’re In the Right Career

Many Americans struggle with the question of whether they’ve made the correct choice in their career. For some, it’s a matter of a job not being a good fit. For others, it’s a bad boss […]

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Tired of Truck Stop Food? Tips For Cooking On the Road

It’s easy but greasy. What is it? Fast food, of course. It can be incredibly tempting to subsist off of whatever you find at the truck stop, but this kind of diet is hard on […]

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There Is a Shortage of Truck Drivers – Here’s Why

In the last year alone, there was a shortage of over 50,000 truck drivers. Americans may have felt the repercussions of this in the form of delayed deliveries and a spike in shipping prices or […]

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Gift Ideas for the Truck Driver in Your Life

We all know that the holiday season is really about spending time with loved ones, but when you love a truck driver, much of their time is spent away from you. Giving a present that […]

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So You’re a Truck Driver. Now What? 5 Tips to Survive Your First Year

Congratulations! You just earned your CDL and became a professional truck driver. Now that you’ve joined the ranks of America’s highway heroes, you’re probably excited. However, there will be a lot of challenges in your […]

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Every trucker knows not every state is the same when it comes to driving. Some are relatively easy to drive through, while others will have you screaming and slamming your steering wheel in frustration. Whether […]

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Fighting Boredom for the Long Haul

Although time seems to enter a different dimension when you embark on long journeys down the highway, there are definitely a few things that one can do while driving in order to help pass the […]

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