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What to Expect After Graduating From United Truck Driving School

Once you’ve enrolled at United Truck Driving School and have completed all of the over-the-road and classroom training, you’re ready to take on the truck driving industry! Or are you? Although the employment opportunities in […]

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5 Safe Driving Tips for Bad Weather

Whether you are driving a car, a motorcycle, or an 18-wheeler, one of the scariest situations is driving during inclement or torrential weather. From rain to hail to crazy snow and ice storms, weather is […]

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Which Type of Energy Drink is Best For the Road?

Professional truck drivers sometimes have to take late shift or work long hours. Naturally, during this time, it’s all too easy to become tired and worn down from the exhaustive shift. So what do you […]

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Curious about the 18-Wheeler’s History?

As you are about to embark on your new career path as a professional truck driver, are you a bit curious as to how the industry got started? Are you wondering who jumpstarted the idea […]

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3 Crazy Myths About Truck Driving

Unfortunately, the truck driving industry is riddled with myths that simply are not true. These myths can actually deter an individual from starting a truck driving career because they believe in these myths. If you’re […]

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How to Battle Being a Tired Truck Driver

Being a professional truck driver is no easy position. From the long hours to the determination needed to succeed, only a select few individuals are up for the challenge. However, even those individuals get tired! […]

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4 Signs that Truck Driving Is the Career For You

It is not always easy to decide which career path to follow. With so many interesting fields and exciting job opportunities, you may be wondering which career path is just right for you. Have you […]

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7 Tips to Conquer Road Rage

Road rage is an unfortunately common problem among drivers across the globe. As a professional truck driver, it is your responsibility to keep your emotions and anger in check while on the road. If you […]

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Being Prepared for an Emergency on the Road

Unfortunately, emergencies do happen on the road. Whether your tires pop, a freak snowstorm occurs, or an accident happens, you want to be fully prepared for the worst. The more prepared you are for any […]

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Best Food and Beverages to Eat on the Road

If you’re looking to stay energized, alert, and productive on the road as a professional truck driver, these delicious food and beverage items can help you! Put down that red bull and bag of sugary […]

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