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How Can Truck Drivers Prevent Pesky Back Pain?

Whenever you find yourself sitting for a long period of time with regularity, you can expect certain health issues to arise. Tightened hip flexors, pinched nerves, and a host of other issues are commonly seen in professions where sitting is prevalent, such as truck driving.

Remaining seated is a major aspect of truck driving and it introduces all of the risks associated with long-term sitting, especially back pain. Luckily for truck drivers, back pain is a preventable side effect of sitting in the driver’s seat for long periods of time. Just as you must mentally prepare for a long trip, it is imperative to physically prepare as well.

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How Is Your Posture?

Just as in many other scenarios, proper posture can lead to much fewer health issues in the long run. Truck driving posture plays a crucial role in eliminating back pain; think of it as fixing a problem before it occurs.

So what constitutes correct posture? There’s a common misconception floating around that proper posture means sacrificing comfort, but this is certainly untrue. Start by ensuring your seat back is aligned upright and keeps your back straight. Your arms should always be relaxed, never tensed or strained, with your legs lightly touching the seat. A key indicator that you are practicing proper truck driving posture is that you do not feel any tightness in your body – you should be fully relaxed with a straight back.

Prepare for the Trip

Physically preparing your body for long trips doesn’t require a gym membership. One common cause of back pain in truck drivers is failing to prepare your body for the task of sitting for a while. Light stretching is a must if you are gearing up for a long drive – simple body twists, touching your toes, and rotating your head is all you need to keep the blood flowing and ligaments loose.

Stretching before a trip is crucial, but stretching during a trip is just as important. During short breaks on long trips, take the opportunity to get some easy stretches in. Even if you spend a long time stretching before a drive, remaining seated for a long time will eventually cause your muscles to re-tighten. Stretching during a trip keeps your back loose and free of pain.

Post Trip Exercises

The fight against back pain doesn’t end once you have arrived at your destination. Just like before, it doesn’t take a lot to shake off the muscle tightness that accompanies sitting for a long time. An easy five-minute walk can increase your circulation and refresh your entire body, including your back muscles. Additional stretching after a trip is completed will also help loosen up your ligaments and tissue, reducing the chances of back pain occurring.

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