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How to Battle Being a Tired Truck Driver

Being a professional truck driver is no easy position. From the long hours to the determination needed to succeed, only a select few individuals are up for the challenge. However, even those individuals get tired! Combatting being tired while on the road is a difficult task, but not impossible. In fact, truck drivers are required to take specific breaks in order to ensure that they are rested and ready to complete their trip. In addition, use these simple tips to combat being tired while on the road.

Get off the road!

The minute you begin to feel incredibly tired, get off the road. You never want to put yourself or others on the road in danger by falling asleep at the wheel. If you need a nap, a break or are on the verge of falling asleep, you need to immediately pull over to the side of the road. It is not worth it to endanger your life or the lives of others by trying to speed to your next stop and then sleep.

Don’t load up on too much caffeine

Many truck drivers think they can combat tiredness by overloading on caffeine. Unfortunately, after you receive your large burst of energy, your energy level will come crashing down quite quickly. Too much caffeine can actually be counterproductive, so it is recommended to only intake the recommended amount of caffeine such as that in coffee or tea.

Get ample rest

Don’t skip your rest periods simply to get to the end location faster. By skipping your time to sleep, you are not only harming your body and chance at a successful trip, but also endangering others on the road. Your body needs a certain amount of rest in order to stay alert and functional. Do not jeopardize your health or job by falling asleep at the wheel since you skipped your rest time.

Keep up your exercise

By leading a healthy lifestyle, you can ensure that when you are fully alert when you are awake. Truck drivers who continue to eat and drink nutritious food items, and exercise regularly tend to have successful trips, less accidents and more pleasant rides on the wide open road.

Have a positive attitude

Feeling a bit sleepy but are fully rested and have consumed the recommended amount of caffeine? Try laughing, smiling or simply singing along to your favorite song. By keeping a positive and happy attitude, your body will naturally wake up!

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