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Why Military Veterans Make the Greatest Truck Drivers

When returning home from the military and trying to adjust to a normal life, Veterans often have a hard time finding jobs they are qualified to do. We have good news. If you are a military veteran, you don’t have to worry anymore about finding a decent job that pays well. The skills and experience you as a veteran have are exactly what we trucking companies want and need to see in our employees. The military teaches qualities like teamwork and dependability. In order to succeed as a truck driver, those qualities you possess as a veteran are valuable in our industry. Here is a list of some qualities we believe are instilled in the military that will benefit you in a successful career as a truck driver. 


Self-discipline is a well-known characteristic of anyone in the military. As a truck driver, you will need that discipline in order to make your deliveries on time, get out of bed on time, and drive a truck in general. You won’t have a secondary person in the truck with you to make sure you stay on schedule. You are responsible for every action on the road. 

Situational Awareness 

As in the military, truck drivers need to always be aware of the environment they are in. Why? Because semi trucks are dangerous in the hands of an unaware driver. You could easily hurt lots of people on the road with such a big truck, which means you can never be caught off guard.


When you leave the station, both your manager and the customer are depending on you to deliver on time. If you are even an hour later than your scheduled time, a lot can go wrong at your delivery site. It is up to you to stay on top of your runs and mileage to make sure all deliveries are made on time. 


Leadership is the act of being an example for others, as well as taking the initiative to do things others wouldn’t do on their own. The military needs leadership, as do truck drivers. Truckers could use more leadership, which is why veterans can be a great benefit to the team. 


Just because you would be alone as a truck driver doesn’t mean you aren’t still part of a team. It takes the teamwork of the dispatchers, cargo haulers, warehouse workers, and operation managers to get the job done.

Mental Stamina

The mind is an important part of truck driving, as it requires a lot of focus and mental strain. When you’ve been driving for hours or have been stuck in traffic, fatigue kicks in. But you can’t let your mind lose focus for even a second. Otherwise, you will be putting everyone else on the road at risk of harm. 

If you are a U.S. military veteran, you can apply for the G.I. Bill as well as receive additional financing options for your hands-on truck driving training. Contact us today about earning your CDL and starting your new career as a truck driver.