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What You Need to Know About Team Vs. Solo Truck Driving

When it comes to a profession in the truck driving industry, you have a lot of options. You’ll have a choice of what truck to drive, as well as the freight you’d like to haul. On top of this, you also have the ability to decide between solo and team driving. Ultimately, the choice comes down to one’s personal preference, as there is no real difference in training for solo and team drives. As with anything, there are pros and cons to both, and we’ll be discussing them below.

Solo Driving

The major benefit to solo driving is exactly what you would think — having sole control over your space, driving techniques, and more. When you’re on a solo trip, you don’t have to worry about how you pack your bags, make your bed, and what you listen to on the radio. The space is your own, so you don’t have to worry as much about its organization, as long as you’re comfortable and everything’s safe.

Team Driving

If you choose to drive as a part of a team, you’ll have to be more conscious of how the space in your truck is kept. You won’t want to make your teammate angry or annoyed because you’re not able to keep the space clean (remember, it’s small and shared). You’ll need to be more accommodating and have good teamwork skills, as you’ll be working in close proximity to another person for a long trip.

One benefit to driving as a team is that you’ll end up earning more money. You’ll be paid for every mile that the truck drives, including the ones your partner is driving, when it’s not your shift. Team drivers will generally go on longer hauls.

Couples on the Road Together

Something that’s becoming more and more common in the truck driving world is couples who team up to drive as a team. Many women have gone to school to earn their CDLs and then joined their partners on the road. It’s a choice that allows couples to earn more money, as well as spend more time together.

While there is always the risk of one person getting burnt out from the trucking lifestyle, or too much time spent together putting a strain on the relationship, there are plenty of couples who have been successfully making the truck driving lifestyle work in their favor.