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Rookies on the Road — What’s the Best Freight for a Beginner?

When you decide to pursue a career in the truck driving industry, your first thoughts probably revolve around learning the driving skills, rather than around what you’ll be delivering across the country. Even so, the freight you’ll start out carrying should be taken into consideration, as some cargo is easier and better for new truck drivers. Below are some of the best freight options for those just starting out in the truck driving industry. 

Dry Vans 

Dry vans are the most common type of trailer you’ll see attached to trucks on the road. These large containers carry boxes and pallets of goods. Dry vans are not temperature controlled, so when you’re driving with a dry van trailer, you’ll be transporting goods that don’t require refrigeration.  

Refrigerated Freights 

Refrigerated freight is very similar to a dry van, the only real difference being that its temperature is controlled. 

Why These Freights Are Best for Beginners

Dry vans and refrigerated freight require little to no physical work from those who drive them. Other freights will require you to properly secure items or to manage driving with thousands of pounds of liquid moving around, which is a very difficult thing to do at any speed. 

As a new truck driver on the road, it’s important that your primary focus is on the aspects of driving a large vehicle and getting to your destinations safely. Properly loading and unloading freight is another aspect of the job that you shouldn’t have to worry about when first starting out. Focus on basic truck driving skills in the beginning and add on more responsibilities once you have experience under your belt and feel comfortable doing so. Later on, if you so desire, you’ll be able to start driving flatbeds, liquid tankers, doubles, and maybe even triples.      

Looking to Start Your Truck Driving Career?

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