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Short Haul vs Long Distance Driving: What Kind of Driving Do You Want to Do?

When it comes to truck driving, there are a number of decisions you’ll be able to make which will determine the factors of your everyday life. One of the major decisions you’ll be able to make in the career is whether you’ll be making short hauls or long distance drives for your truck driving company. While both come with benefits, they also come with cons that you need to take into consideration to decide what works best for you and your lifestyle. Take a look at both the pros and cons of each type of distance driving below.

Long Distance Driving


You’ll Make More Money

Because most truckers are paid per mile, going long distances can really help your bank account. If you do back-to-back trips, you can collect a good amount of income that will last you awhile.

Lots of Independence

If you are the type of person that likes your personal time, long distance driving might be the better option for you. For many drivers, this is a large perk because you do not have someone constantly over your shoulder telling you what to do. All though you are doing your job, you have more freedom to be yourself than in a small office.

Great For Those Who Love to Travel

When traveling long distances, you will go to all sorts of places and see tons of different views. If you enjoy traveling, especially on long road trips, driving the extra distance would be no problem for you. Rather, it might be something you would enjoy doing. And the best part is you get paid for all of it. So essentially, you are being paid to travel!

Lots of Available Jobs

If you are really wanting to get in the long haul driving industry, you are in luck! The job is incredibly essential for so many businesses which is why there are so many positions available. They are always looking for someone to help out the community. If for some reason you work for a trucking company you do not like, you can rest assured knowing that there are tons of other companies who are looking to hire you for the job.


Away From Home More Often

An obvious downside to being on the road so often is that you are not going to be home nearly as much. With so much time spent on the road making deliveries and such, you may miss important events with your family/friends/etc. It is a large sacrifice you would have to make, despite all the benefits. When deciding on which trucking option is right for you, be sure to keep this in mind.

Prone to Unhealthy Lifestyle

Although there are ways to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle, when on the road for a long period of time, it becomes easier to slip into negative habits. When sitting in your seat for so long, you could develop health issues if not taken care of. Not to mention, eating habits may be rough as well. If you are debating on becoming a long haul driver, keep in mind that you need to take care of yourself just as much as your truck.

Short Distance Driving


Spend Most Nights at Home

With any driving position you will be on the road, but with short distance driving, you won’t be as much. Instead, you will be traveling approximately two to three hundred kilometers (around 100 miles) from your home terminal. Spending more at time with your home, and family, is seen as a massive perk for so many.

Predictable Lifestyle

When you come to work, you know what to expect because you will typically be running the same deliveries to the same customers. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about unexpected problems and are familiar with what to do. It is also nice seeing the same friendly faces rather than complete strangers constantly.

Healthier Lifestyle

Running around on the road for a long period of time as discussed above can create serious health problems. However, with being at home more often where you can sleep in your own bed, prepare healthier meals, and feel less stressed, you will have a better, healthier lifestyle.


Less Earnings

Although there are fantastic benefits to short distance driving, a major drawback is the fact that you do not make as much money. This is mainly because short distance does not cover as many miles as a long distance driver. Keep in mind that this does vary from company to company who may have different pay scales, but for the most part, it does not have the same pay scale as long distance driving.

Short Distance Drivers Are Pushed Just as Hard

If you think that short distance drivers can just relax, think again. They have the same stressors as a long distance driver, if not more. Because short distance drivers don’t have a long distance to travel, they are pushed to make sure the deliveries make it on time every time. Some drivers agree that it can be especially difficult when higher management does not understand that they run into traffic and other issues on the road just as long distance drivers do. The added pressure can cause unneeded stress.

Regardless of what type of distance driver you would like to be, make sure that you have the right license to get you and your career moving on the right path. This can all be made possible by attending United Truck Driving School that is looking to help future drivers like you! Contact us today at 1-800-461-3758 to learn more.