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How Thanksgiving Without Truck Drivers Wouldn’t Be the Same

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with the family and give thanks to those who deserve it. Although it is difficult to thank everybody, you should at least thank a semi-truck driver for all the sacrifices they make to ensure your holiday is a good one. Without them, your Thanksgiving could look like this instead.

There Would Be No Turkey

Can you imagine it being time to eat on Thanksgiving day but the dinner table was empty? Neither could we. A turkey (or ham) is symbolic to the holiday. However, without any sort of transportation to get the main dish to the table, you could run into a major problem. Every single day, truck drivers make several different types of deliveries, including food. And with or 88% of Americans eating turkey on Thanksgiving, that means semi-truck drivers will be needed more than ever. Without them to deliver the goods, we wouldn’t be able to have any main dish of any kind.

You’ll Have to Skip on All the Pies

If your main dish can’t be delivered, how will the others (including dessert) make it to the table? Simple answer: they won’t. Therefore you won’t have the right vegetables to make your favorite casserole, or the pecans to add to your pecan pie. Instead, you may just have to settle for not having dinner at all on Thanksgiving. And that would be a crime.

The Parade Would Be Cancelled

Since dinner would no longer be an option without semi-truck drivers, you might have hope that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade can save you. Think again. The only way the massive balloons could even float throughout New York City is by being filled with helium from helium tanks. And these types of tanks are not ones you can buy just anywhere. They are equally as large as the floats; therefore, transporting them to the parade will require a bit of muscle aka a semi-truck. However, without our “Knights of the Road,” the helium tanks cannot be delivered which will cause the floats/balloons to remain on the ground. If that were to be the case, the parade wouldn’t happen at all. Now what would you do?

Your Family Couldn’t Be Together

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for spending time with the family. In some cases, family members travel from different parts of America (or even the world) to come spend the day with everyone. However, in order for your loved ones to arrive, they have to be in a vehicle with plenty of gas. And guess who delivers the gas? Semi-truck drivers. Without them, gas stations would have a difficult time finding ways to provide the fuel to people with vehicles. And without it, a car cannot reach any sort of destination, including your home for the holiday.

Black Friday Wouldn’t Benefit Anybody

Another Thanksgiving tradition, besides watching the parade or football game, is settling down after a large feast to plan out the annual Black Friday shopping trip. All the greatest deals occur on Black Friday, so they cannot be missed. But if a store were to not have any products to mark down, what’s the point? Instead, you would have to settle for the products they do have, if any at all, and cross your fingers that you can get to them before someone else does. Not a very fun plan.

As you can probably tell by this point, truck drivers are incredibly important not just to the holidays, but every day. They are the reason why we have so many good things, which is why this Thanksgiving you should take the time to thank them. Because without them, a lot of things would not be possible. If you are looking to join this very important and rewarding career, give United Truck Driving School a call at 1-800-461-3758 to get started. With us, we will get you where you need to be.