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Top Podcasts Every Type of Trucker Can Enjoy

As a truck driver, most of your day is spent on the road for long periods of time. This can quickly become boring, especially when you are by yourself. However, with podcasts, you can make the most of your time on the trip by gaining more insight on the trucking industry or just by just having a good time. Below are some of the best podcasts that truckers have agreed to be their favorites when passing the time either on the road on or break. Be sure to download them for free and give them a try. You might find your new favorite!

Trucker Dump

Noted as one of the best podcasts to keep you entertained as well as educated, Trucker Dump offers a humorous take on trucking life with podcast topics including “Advice for New Truckers,” “5 Top Issues In Commercial Driving,” “Jabbering with Jared,” and much more. The mix of humor and down-to-earth advice delivered by host and fellow trucker Todd McCann helps to make long drives a little more worthwhile. When you take a break, you can even head over to the website to read blog posts that provide more insight. You will find yourself chuckling and agreeing to the many trucking situations Todd and his wife Lorinda (who Todd lovingly refers to as “The Evil Overlord”) have been in during their time as solo and team drivers. Download the free podcast for laughs, advice, and lots of tips you never knew you needed before.

Trucking Podcast

Although the host of Trucking Podcast, Buck Ballard and his son, Don, really love trucking, they assure listeners that they talk about other topics that they believe others will find interesting as well. They want to let their listeners know that when on the topic of products, they shun the expensive items and instead focus on affordable, “average guy” products that people can rebuild, restore, or just have fun with. They provide quality topics that both men and women can enjoy when on the road. While they are podcasters, they let the audience know that above all, they are still truckers who can’t imagine doing anything else . . . besides podcasting.

Ask the Trucker

If you are looking for a podcast that will last you a while, Ask the Trucker, currently the number one trucking show on Blog Talk Radio, might be the right podcast for you. With over 260 podcasts that focus on important topics such as driver health, careers, regulations, and other important issues facing the industry, you will learn more from host Allen Smith, who knows all about trucking. The podcast is free to download and enjoy on iTunes today.

Red Eye Radio

For long-haul truckers, Red Eye Radio, formally Midnight Trucking Radio, is an overnight podcast that focuses solely on the needs of the trucking industry. You can listen in Monday through Friday from 1am to 6am or check out their special bi-weekly show called Freightliner Run Smart Hour.

Destination Health

For truckers who are looking to stick to their resolution for a new, healthier body, Destination Health podcast has all sorts of educational topics on the best way to reach optimum health when on the road. The podcast, hosted by Kim Cockerham, airs live on Wednesdays at 7pm with information you can take with you even when not on the road.

Comedy Podcast Network

If you are looking to get a good laugh on the road, Comedy Podcast Network has what you need. While it doesn’t focus on trucking, still adding a little humor to your drive may be much needed near the end of a long day.

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