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Why Truck Driving is the Career Path You’ve Been Searching For

The typical order of life in America is graduate high school, go to college for four years, then search endlessly for a job until you find one related to your major. If that doesn’t sound like your ideal life, don’t worry. There are other ways around it while still making the same amount of money, most likely more than you would have in a typical career path following college. So here’s why we think you should seriously consider truck driving as your career path, whether you are in high school, in college, or are already in that stage of life after college. 

18 Days is Better Than 4 Years

If you haven’t gone to college yet, you are looking at 4 years of schooling in order to be considered for any career related job. So unless you can afford it and are willing to stay at a waitressing level job, college is almost a requirement for life. At least, that’s what people will lead you to believe. Another option, among others, is trucking school. United Truck Driving School is only 18 days of hands-on training. At the end of those 18 days, you’ll emerge with your CDL license in hand and a lifetime of a career path already established as you are immediately placed into a well-paying job after graduation. What other schools can give you immediate job placement in only 18 days? 

Exploring is Better Than a Cubicle 

Most career jobs you will get coming out of college end in a cubicle. That’s a cold squarish cube that you are trapped in for hours, rarely seeing the sun or getting to feel a warm breeze. On the road, you are free to experience the country. You’ll learn about yourself, people you meet, and all the places you’ve never been to before. And after all those adventures, you’ll have way more stories to tell your friends and family when you get home than you would have after a day spent in a cubicle. 

You’ll Have a Purpose

Truck driving isn’t a meaningless job. It isn’t just a job to help you pay your bills and survive; it’s a job that keeps the economy afloat. As a truck driver, you can feel like you are making a difference in the world rather than wondering what you are doing with your life because you are helping to supply the country. 

How Do You Know If Trucking Is For You?

While truck driving has its perks, it isn’t for everyone. Some people may prefer the cubicle life and even find meaning in what they do there. So before you become a truck driver, talk to some. Since you can’t just go try out truck driving, the best way to prepare yourself is to talk to someone who does have the experience. They can tell you everything you could ever want to know to make the decision. And if their talk doesn’t scare you away, you just might be a great fit for the trucking life. At that point, the only way to know is by signing up for trucking school, the tell-tale sign of if you have what it takes to be a trucker. 

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!