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Truck Driving: Women Can Succeed in the Industry Too

In male dominated industries there are usually unfair stereotypes as to why this is the case. Many might say that certain occupations aren’t suited for women solely because of what they entail. While the truck driving industry is predominantly male, there are women drivers who are making great contributions to the industry today. 

There are many examples of women thriving when it comes to truck driving, and they possess a number of traits that make them well suited for the job. If you’re a women who’s under the impression that you can’t be a truck driver, know that you have the ability to break into the industry if that’s what you’re passionate about. While the job will come with additional challenges because you are a woman, it’s possible to find success in a truck driving career. 

The Many Positions Women Can Fill in the Industry

Remember, hauling freight isn’t the only job in the industry. Women can be dispatchers, trucking company owners, and more. Some traits many women possess that can be beneficial to those working these positions include:

-Strong communication skills
-Positive leadership qualities
-Attention to detail
-And so much more…

Statistics Today 

While you’re aware that truck driving and related positions are a part of a male dominated industry, do you know by how much? Below are just a few statistics to put the number of women working in the truck driving industry into perspective.    

Approximately 5% of professional truck drivers are female and this equates to about 85,000 women in the United States. 

Approximately 1% of truck driving companies are owned by women and this equates to about 10,000 companies. 

Check out this article offering more from a women’s perspective and see the trivia section for more statistics on the number of women in the industry.  

Breaking the Stereotypes

Whether people say that women aren’t as good at driving as men, or that they just won’t fit in, women can be incredible truck drivers. If you’re a women who’s interested in breaking into the industry, contact United Truck Driving School today to learn about earning your CDL and working as a professional in the industry.