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What to Expect After Graduating From United Truck Driving School

Once you’ve enrolled at United Truck Driving School and have completed all of the over-the-road and classroom training, you’re ready to take on the truck driving industry! Or are you? Although the employment opportunities in the truck driving industry are abundant, are you sure you’re up for the challenge.

Here’s what to expect upon graduation from our truck driving training school.

Job Placement


Many students have the preconceived notion that they will automatically receive a job in the truck driving industry once they are handed their diploma. For some students, they will already have a job lined up to start immediately after graduation. For others, the job search continues.

Luckily, you chose to earn your Class A CDL at United Truck Driving School! Our team of truck driving professionals and trainers have numerous contacts in the industry, which can be useful in securing an employment position. In addition, we also offer placement assistance to all of our truck driving graduates! We want to help you succeed as a professional truck driver, so we’ll help you with your job search.

Additional Training

Several truck driving companies, if not all, require that their new hires complete a few weeks of additional training. This is to ensure that you are truly trained and ready to take on the great open road! During this process, you will ride with a truck driver with many years of experience and will learn new tips and tricks of the trade. Take this opportunity to not only get ready for a rewarding career, but also to learn more from a seasoned truck driver.

Getting Used to the Lifestyle

It’s no lie that the life of a truck driver is quite unique. Depending on your assignment, you may be home for days or weeks at a time. You’ll get to see sights you may not have previously had the opportunity to see. You’ll travel the nation and help companies operate efficiently through your driving services. After a few weeks of being a professional truck driver with a Class A CDL license, you’ll begin to become adjusted to the lifestyle.

When you graduate from United Truck Driving School, we make sure that you are 100% ready to enter the industry with a well-known trucking company. From job placement assistance to our quality training, you’ll be good to go upon graduation from our Murfreesboro, TN truck driving school.

Ready to start your journey to becoming a truck driver? Call us today to learn more about enrolling at United Truck Driving School.