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What’s the Most Common Job in Tennessee? Truck Driving!

Over the past 30 years, our nation’s economy has seen great heights and terrible downfalls. Throughout these economic hills and valleys, the most common job per each state has changed. However, as our nation grew more dependent on products and needed stable job opportunities, the career path of a truck driver began to triumph. Why? Keep reading to find out!

Truck Driving: Immune to Our Nation’s Economic Problems

During the 2008 crisis, several hardworking Americans lost their jobs. Which industry experienced the least amount of loss? Truck drivers! 

Our nation needs truck drivers. Actually, our world needs truck drivers. How else will products such as food and clothing get from point A to point B?

Planet Money, by NPR, took data from the Census Bureau to determine the most common jobs across the United States from 1978-2014. 

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If you look at Tennessee, you’ll notice that the state’s most common job for a majority of that time period was — surprise, surprise — truck driving. With Tennessee’s vast and intriguing history of farming, manufacturing, and so much more, it should come as no surprise that truck drivers have been needed decade after decade. 

In fact, in the year 2004, truck driving was the most popular and common job in America!

Truck Driving Growth

Start Your Truck Driving Career Today

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