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18-Wheeler Advertisements You Might See On the Road

While 18-wheelers are functional and excellent means of product transportation, they can also serve another purpose — advertising. With all that space on the bed of the truck, businesses figure “Why not use that space to our advantage?”. Transportation advertising isn’t a new innovation. Drive around any major city and you’ll see taxi cabs with advertisements on the roof, cars wrapped in a brand, and skywriters carrying a branded banner. 18-wheelers serve the exact same purpose. However, the brand isn’t always a major company, it could be the trucking company itself!

Check out these examples of amazing looking 18-wheelers you might see on the road during your travels!


This incredible Pepsi truck takes gravity for a spin! Playing off of the depth allows graphic designers to utilize the trucks shape to their advantage. Pepsi’s 18-wheeler advertisement definitely would catch the eyes of drivers and passengers on the road.


King Kong doesn’t look too pleased to be smushed into this 18-wheeler. But nonetheless, movie executives thought this would be a fascinating advertisement using the help of professional truck drivers — and they were right!


Drivers and passengers might do a double take when they realize avid golfers are taking a swing at their car. While the highway might be an interesting place to use a driver, the only thing that should be driving is this amazing 18-wheeler and the professional truck driver navigating the vehicle.!


We really hope this never happens to a truck! As a promotion for their new hot & spicy chips, Pringles had fun with this play on words advertisements. Luckily, the driver inside has extensive training from a truck driving school and would know exactly what to do if an emergency did arise!


It may not be an advertisement or a promotion, but it’s still amazing! Imagine seeing the Hulk drive by on the highway. 

Interested in Driving an 18-Wheeler?

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