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7 Tips to Conquer Road Rage

Road rage is an unfortunately common problem among drivers across the globe. As a professional truck driver, it is your responsibility to keep your emotions and anger in check while on the road. If you have a history with road rage, try using these seven useful tips to thwart or conquer road rage.

Plan Ahead

If you know the route you will be traveling typically experiences heavy traffic, plan ahead and leave a few minutes early so you can arrive at your destination on time and calmly.

Rest Up

Most road rage incidents stem from a lack of sleep on the driver’s behalf. If you are going on a long road trip as a truck driver, make sure to get plenty of rest prior to departing on your trip.

Turn Down Your Music

Unless you happen to be listening to calming music, turning down your loud music will assist in reducing the chances of road rages. In addition, the type of music you listen to can also influence your emotions and mood level.

Laugh It Off

Feeling the pressure of road rage building? Try laughing! Laughing is known to calm us down and increase endorphins related to happiness. Give it a try the next time your feel road rage.

Avoid Negative Body Language

Although you may be tempted to shout, ‘flip the bird’, and do other obscene gestures, it’s better to avoid this type of body language at all costs. In addition to increasing your chance of road rage, it will also enrage others on the road and may lead to an undesirable situation for everyone involved.

Practice Safe Driving Techniques

The best way to control your road rage is to consciously practice safe driving techniques such as:

  • Coming to a complete stop
  • Staying in the travel lane unless passing
  • Going the speed limit
  • Providing merging vehicles with the proper space

Try practicing these techniques while driving your personal vehicle so you’re prepared when operating as a professional truck driver.

Take a Deep Breath

It sounds easier said than done, but we promise that simple deep breathing exercises will assist in controlling and managing your road rage. When you begin to feel frustrated, take a few deep breaths and understand that the situation cannot be solved with anger!

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