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Being Prepared for an Emergency on the Road

Unfortunately, emergencies do happen on the road. Whether your tires pop, a freak snowstorm occurs, or an accident happens, you want to be fully prepared for the worst. The more prepared you are for any type of accident or emergency, the better. Be sure you have all these items packed in your truck at all times in order to be ready for the worst.

Red Cross "ready to go" preparedness kit

First-Aid Kit

From a tiny splinter to a severe injury, you never know what can happen while on the road. Be sure to have a fully stocked first-aid kit handy while you’re traveling the nation as a professional truck driver. Be sure to have gauze, band-aids, Neosporin and other necessary medical items.

Fire Extinguisher

Remember, in the case of a fire of any kind, get as far away from the truck as soon as possible – you never know what could occur. As an extra precaution, keep the fire extinguisher handy in your truck with ease of access.

Tire Gauge

Be sure to check the tire pressure of your truck tires regularly and inflate when necessary. Whether under or over inflated, it can cause an issue for you, your truck and your trip.

Flares and Warning Lights

These items will help alert others on the road that your truck is in danger or to steer clear of the area. Whether you choose flares or battery-powered lights, will demonstrate your presence on the road in an emergency situation.

Cell Phone

Always keep your cellphone charged and on your person while on the road. While using your phone while driving is not condoned, in an emergency situation a cell phone can alert the proper channels such as the police, fire department and ambulance team as soon as possible.

Money in Small Bills and Change

In the case that you need money for gasoline, food, drink or repair services, having an emergency fund available is helpful. Remember to replenish the fun if you happen to use it!

Basic Tools

From a simple screwdriver to a saw, you never know what can come in handy during an emergency dealing with your truck or safety. Whether you need to repair a hinge or

Small Folding Shovel

Depending on where you may be traveling, snow and ice could be present. Having a small folding shovel can provide great benefit in a freak snowstorm, or if you stop to rest during a storm and snow builds up around your tires and truck.

Extra Clothes

You never know when you may spill your coffee or be caught in a random rain storm, so be sure to also have a pair of extra clothes handy while on the job.

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