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Should I Drive in a Team or Solo?

Once you earn your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) from United Truck Driving School, you have a world of opportunity open to you. From choosing which company to become employed with to exploring the open road, you have many experiences and decisions coming your way.

One major decision is whether you should drive solo or as a team with another professional truck driver. Check out the pros and cons of each truck driving positions.

Driving Solo

When you have the opportunity to become a professional truck driver after completing the 18-day course and examinations at United Truck Driving School, you can choose to begin your truck driving career as a solo driver. When you choose this position, you’ll be able to travel the open road by yourself and take in all the great sights, sounds and landscapes. Also as a solo driver, you are in charge of your schedule and it revolves around you!

However, a lot of responsibility comes with being a solo truck driver. Many companies are relying on you to transport their products to and from locations. In addition, it can become lonesome after a while.

Driving As Part of a Team

Your other option as a newly licensed truck driver is to drive as part of a team. Many husband and wife teams choose this option as it allows them to be together while working! Driving as part of a team has its benefits, including:

  • Alternating drivers
  • You are paid for every mile – regardless of whether you are driving or not
  • You have someone to talk to throughout the ride!

With advantages come disadvantages, and driving as a team does have its share of cons. When you are a team driver, you will be in cramped quarters with another person. This means that storage space becomes limited. In addition, you will have to learn how to sleep while the truck is in motion if you are unable to sleep in trucks or cars already.

Both solo and team drivers experience their fair share of ups and downs. But what matters most is the highly rewarding career path you are following. Get started on your Class A CDL training course at United Truck Driving School by contacting us today!