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Truck Driving: Why People Want Age Requirements Changed

Truck driving is a solid occupation for people to pursue, especially if they know they want to take a more untraditional route after graduating from high school. Rather than enrolling in the military or attending college, people can get their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in an industry with a huge amount of job opportunity.

There is a problem young truck drivers face, though, and this is that they cannot legally drive across state lines until they are 21 years of age. This factor most likely dissuades younger people from getting their CDL’s upon graduating high school. The truck driving job opportunities during that three year period (18-21) are local, which ultimately means smaller.

Many people within the truck driving industry have been discussing revisions to this law in order to lower the age limit to 18 so that all adults who have a certified CDL may take on larger jobs. Below, are both sides of the argument.


The truck driving industry has been facing a shortage of drivers for quite some time now. It is estimated that the shortage of drivers is from 35,000 to 40,000 individuals. Many believe that more people would look into getting their CDL after high school knowing that bigger jobs were an option right away. The waiting game would be eliminated—one that leads capable drivers away from the industry.


People question whether those 18 years of age are old enough to handle the operation of truck driving equipment on a larger scale. While it is true that they have received their CDL’s, they have far less experience on the road than someone just a few years older.  

The argument here is that they’ve gone to school to learn this occupation. Although further skill often comes with age and experience, if they’ve passed the test, shouldn’t they be given the job right away in an understaffed industry?

Where Do You Stand?

What is your stance on the current truck driving standards for those allowed to cross state lines? Do you think withdrawing the age restriction could lead to a new generation of truck drivers, motivated by the fact they won’t have to wait before acquiring bigger jobs? Is there a good place for compromise?

Earn Your CDL and Get on the Road

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